Kings of Providence

Far below a street in Rio, a building’s foundation collapses. In China, an apartment block caves in. The deadly accidents aren’t much more than passing headlines for Paul Hewitt, a Wall Street broker carving a career out of million-dollar deals.

But business suddenly gets personal when a Manhattan subway tunnel collapses. Paul uncovers disturbing connections between the accidents, but the deeper he digs, the more the official explanations just don’t add up.

His search leads to a shocking discovery: millions of tons of glass and steel are sitting on an environmental time bomb.

Faced by a conspiracy of silence he races against time to expose the truth while the power brokers will resort to anything—including murder—to protect their interests.


“. . . the book becomes almost un-put-down-able. . . . Anyone who picks up this book has a good read in store.”

Davilynn Furlow at Great Books Under $5

 Available in both paperback and ebook!


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