Project Renaissance

Project RenaissanceWhat’s a modern-day Renaissance girl to do? That’s exactly what Emma Thomas is about to find out. Moving three thousand miles to Manhattan to discover her destiny hasn’t turned out quite like she planned. She’s just lost her job, her roommate’s impossibly perfect, and she’s still plain old Emma, the girl with no direction and no idea how to get there—until she stumbles on a little advice from the Renaissance, that is.

Cindy Lee Perkins’s latest self-help book promises that history will guide Emma to her true purpose in life. It’s just the thing to launch Emma on a Renaissance project of her own and she throws herself into following Cindy Lee’s bestselling (if slightly dubious) advice.

But the more Emma tries to reinvent herself the more she turns her world, and everyone else’s, upside down. From a disastrous cosmetics launch to a pet psychiatrist with quirks of his own (and a few more blunders along the way), Emma begins to suspect she’s not the only one who doesn’t have things figured out.

Then again, maybe the answer’s been in front of her all along . . .


Geeky Girl on Project Renaissance

“Wow! An awesome book. I read it last night and good thing I didn’t have any plans because I couldn’t put it down.”

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