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A Queen’s Revenge

The invaders promised peace. Peace to the ancient Celtic kingdoms that obeyed them. But oaths are only honoured between men, and when King Prasutagus dies the Roman invaders bring a new threat to Queen Boudicca: relinquish power or die.

They expect her to cower. They don’t expect this fierce queen of Britain to march against the mighty Roman army—and win.

Kings of Providence

Far below a street in Rio, a building’s foundation collapses. In China, an apartment block caves in. The deadly accidents aren’t much more than passing headlines for Paul Hewitt, a Wall Street broker carving a career out of million-dollar deals.

But business suddenly gets personal when a Manhattan subway tunnel collapses. Paul uncovers disturbing connections between the accidents, but the deeper he digs, the more the official explanations just don’t add up.

His search leads to a shocking discovery: millions of tons of glass and steel are sitting on an environmental time bomb.

Faced by a conspiracy of silence he races against time to expose the truth while the power brokers will resort to anything—including murder—to protect their interests.

The Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb

On a creaking, windblown night, 11-year-old Madeline Mott’s dad disappears from the museum. He’s the Keeper of Unusual Items, so it’s no surprise that she finds a strange amulet on his desk. And when the amulet jolts her deep into the past she soon discovers where her dad’s gone—to ancient Egypt!

This is the first book in the Madeline M. series, and it launches Madeline and Jack on their time-travel adventures in an ancient land full of mummies, tomb robbers, and man-eating crocodiles. For readers 8 and up.

The Riddle of the Phantom Knight

After a frightening adventure in ancient Egypt, Madeline Mott wants nothing more than to be reunited with her dad at the museum. But the mysterious stone that swept her into the past isn’t that easy to control. And when she and her fellow time-traveler Jack find themselves caught between feuding knights in medieval Scotland, it’s clear things have gone terribly wrong.

This is the second book in the Madeline M. series, and it hurtles Madeline and Jack into a daring new adventure in an ancient land of haunted castles, ghostly knights, and hidden treasure. For readers 8 and up.

The Mystery of the Viking Ship

Madeline and Jack’s adventures steer them onto mysterious, mist-covered shores when they find themselves aboard a Viking ship—headed for a land where shape-shifting berserkers are stealing Viking gold. But Madeline and Jack soon face even greater danger. A Viking girl is determined to blame the thefts on them, and the mystery grows deeper when it seems she might be a berserker herself!

With each clue they uncover, Madeline and Jack are pulled deeper into Viking legends of sea giants, magic, and shape-shifting beasts. Will they uncover the truth behind the legends in time to escape? Or will the magic of the ancient Vikings trap them in the past forever?