Riddle of the Phantom Knight

After a frightening adventure in ancient Egypt, Madeline Mott wants nothing more than to be reunited with her dad at the museum. But the mysterious stone that swept her into the past isn’t that easy to control. And when she and her fellow time-traveler Jack find themselves caught between feuding knights in medieval Scotland, it’s clear things have gone terribly wrong.

They become prisoners of the boastful Sir Niall and his annoying little brother, in a castle complete with its own haunted tower. And as Madeline and Jack begin a frantic search for the gemstone, they discover that the tower’s phantom knight is determined to scare them away.

But is the frightening apparition really a ghost—or just a clever thief searching for treasure of his own?

This is the second book in the Madeline M. series, and it hurtles Madeline and Jack into a daring new adventure in an ancient land of haunted castles, ghostly knights, and hidden treasure. For readers 8 and up.