Kings of Providence

Far below a street in Rio, a building’s foundation collapses. In China, an apartment block caves in. The deadly accidents aren’t much more than passing headlines for Paul Hewitt, a Wall Street broker carving a career out of million-dollar deals.

But business suddenly gets personal when a Manhattan subway tunnel collapses. Paul uncovers disturbing connections between the accidents, but the deeper he digs, the more the official explanations just don’t add up.

His search leads to a shocking discovery: millions of tons of glass and steel are sitting on an environmental time bomb.

Faced by a conspiracy of silence he races against time to expose the truth while the power brokers will resort to anything—including murder—to protect their interests.

SD Livingston


S.D. Livingston

Tech lover. Accidental historian. This is where history and tech collide.

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What Skills Did You Trade?

What Skills Did You Trade?

Making a good trade means giving up one thing to get something better. Life skills are no different, and for the most part we’ve made some solid trades. A lot of them have been thanks to new technology. Not as many of us can saddle a horse, do mental math, or hunt our...

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Our Modern Tech Neck is Nothing New

Our Modern Tech Neck is Nothing New

Trigger thumb. Text claw. Tech neck. Those names might sound straight out of science fiction but the ailments are very real, and odds are good that you’ve experienced at least one of them.  They’re repetitive stress injuries that come from overuse of things like...

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Back to Basics: Cloud 101

Back to Basics: Cloud 101

Ask ten people to describe the cloud and you’ll get ten different answers. Some might say it’s a mysterious place where your files go to disappear. Others would say it’s a server. Many assume it’s a place to store your photos so you can delete them from your device. ...

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“I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

– Albert Einstein