Fresh Starts

Welcome to the new decade, and a fresh new look for the site! Old posts are gone and you could even say that things are looking positively spare at the moment, but all for good reason.

First, the lure of a new WordPress theme was calling me (including the ease of blocks for formatting).

Second, writing is work. Hard work some days, and you and I will both be happier if I spend more time improving my craft than adding endless pages and links to my site.

Social media falls into the same boat. You won’t find any links to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, because time spent there isn’t getting my work done.

So there you have it. A new look for a new decade.

Come on in, take a look around, and see if there’s something you like. If not, check back in a while—new projects are always on the horizon, including some sci-fi and a non-fiction project that will have me trekking around Australia and New Zealand in 2021 with my writing partner.

In the meantime, enjoy these winged visitors, who don’t seem the least bit worried about whether I make today’s word count.